NoLED is an application designed to show notifications on your phone's screen. It displays different icons when missed events occur, such as Missed Calls, SMS, GTalk messages and Emails.

The app is released as a substitute for the absence of a physical notification LED on some of the newer Android devices (e.g. the Samsung Galaxy S, S2, Note).
The AMOLED screen consumes very little power when displaying a black pixel. Therefore, we can use the screen to display these notifications.


How to enable it

  1. Install this application from this website or the Android Market.
  2. Load the widget on your home screen. Long press anywhere on your home screen, select Widgets, then NoLED.
  3. Click on the widget to activate NoLED.
  4. Turn the screen off
  5. At this point, the screen will turn on and display a notification when a missed event occurs.
  6. To get back to your phone. You can use the "Home" physical button, or look into two options: "Use back button", and "Use power button". I recommend against trying to use the power button to unlock the phone when a notification is displayed because it tends to be more laggy than the other options.


What about "Monitored Apps" notifications ?

Since version v4.0.4, NoLED uses Android's Accessibility APIs to trigger all other third party notifications. From now on, all applications' notifications will work even in silent/vibrate mode. You'll need to give NoLED Accessibility for Monitored Apps to function correctly.

Since v4.1, you now have a "Monitored Apps" list under "Toggle Notifications". Only events from these applications will trigger NoLED's notifications.


If you like this application, please consider a donation by clicking on the link above.