If I buy the premium version, will I have to repurchase it later if I uninstall/change ROM/change device?
The in-app premium purchase is tied with your Google Account. Once you made a purchase, you'll stay premium on any number of devices so long as you have added the email account that you made the purchase with to the device.

I purchased premium via the in-app purchase button, but now it says I'm not premium anymore, please help!
Follow the instructions below to restore the premium status:
  1. Go to settings in FolderMount and backup your settings.
  2. Uninstall FolderMount.
  3. Go to Android Settings > Applications (manage apps) > All > Google Play Store. Clear the data and the cache.
  4. Launch the Play Store app, swipe from left to right, select the gmail account that you made your purchase with (if you have multiple gmail accounts installed). This step is crucial.
  5. Download FolderMount from the Play Store again.
  6. Launch FolderMount and make sure you have Internet access when you first launch it. FolderMount should detect your premium status now.
If you still have problems, don't hesitate to contact me via the Email developer link in the Play Store.

Why my folders are not being mounted automatically after a reboot?
If you are not receiving any notifications from FolderMount after a reboot indicating which folders succeeded and which failed, then make sure you are not using any third party software that could interfere with FolderMount's boot up process. Any app that claims to be a "task manager, killer or battery optimizer" need to be uninstalled or an exception for FolderMount needs to be made.
If you are receiving a message after a reboot and it indicates that all folder pairs have failed, then try to setup a higher on boot delay via the setting menu. Try starting at 2 minutes and going higher if it still continues to fail.

I purchased premium so that I can choose any folder I like, but it still tells me that I can't
Go to settings and uncheck "Destination folder path checks."

Something is not right, the files appear to be in the source and in the destination ! Is FolderMount really freeing any space at all?
This is to be expected as FolderMount mounts the destination path in the source. The files that you actually see in the source are physically located in the destination so they don't take up any space in your internal sdcard. You can verify that this is indeed the case by unpinning the folder pair. If the source is empty, then the files that you saw when the pair was pinned were indeed the destination's files.

When I go to the storage settings in Android, I see that all pinned folders are still taking up space. Is this correct?
It is not. I highly recommend using FolderMount's built-in "partition sizes" menu entry to determine how much free space you really have in each partition. This error in reporting file sizes that you see in Android is due to the way they implemented the free space calculation which doesn't consider mounted paths.

Why is FolderMount not working with Game/App ?
All FolderMount guarantees is that it will mirror the destination folder into the source. Masking the fact that the files reside in the external sdcard and making them look as if they're in the source folder. I can't debug specific apps because they're countless, but here is a quick method to see whether FolderMount is doing what it is supposed to:
  1. Create a new pair. Create a folder called "test" in the source internal sdcard path, and another folder called "test2" in the destination external sdcard path.
  2. Mount the pair. The PIN should turn green.
  3. Go to the source using any file explorer (e.g. ES File Explorer or Astro File Explorer from the Play Store) and create some folders inside "test" in the source internal sdcard directory.
  4. Navigate to the external sdcard "test" folder. Do these folders appear there?
  5. Go to FolderMount, and unpin the pair. Now go back to the source directory using the file explorer and the folders and files you've created should be gone. They should still exist in the destination. PIN again, and the files should appear again in the source directory.
  6. If points "4" and "5" don't work as expected, contact me for further debugging. Otherwise, FolderMount is working and I cannot assist you with the your particular game/app setup that you've created.

What happens if I update a pinned app, where will the updated data go?
The updated data should automatically go into the destination folder (in the external sdcard). If the pair was unpinned, then the updated data will go into the source causing duplicate data so make sure your folders are pinned before updating.

I have the Xperia phone/tablet model number XXX and after updating to Android 4.2, I'm getting reboots every time I try to mount.
This issue spans from the rooting method and has nothing to do with FolderMount. Any app that attempts to remount your /system partition will cause your tablet/phone to reboot. Please consult THIS PAGE for a workaround.

I have the Samsung Galaxy XX phone/tablet, and after accepting to 'patch my system' and rebooting, my internal and external sdcards are GONE ! Help ?
This usually means that the patch has failed for some reason. FolderMount backs up the original sdcard daemon before patching it. Simply delete /system/bin/sdcard, rename /system/bin/sdcard.backup to /system/bin/sdcard and reboot to fix the issue and restore your original sdcard daemon. Note that FolderMount will not work correctly with the stock daemon. If this problem persists, use the contact developer link in the play store to report the issue.

Why are most my apps showing 0KB in the apps analyzer tab?
This is because the Apps Analyzer tab only scans the Android subfolder in your internal sdcard root path. Not all apps store their data in these paths, so for these apps, FolderMount displays 0KB as it could not find any data in these folders. You are of course always free to add other paths manually using the plus sign in the folder pairs tab and manually navigate to the source and destination directories.

I have other questions, how can I contact you?
I can be reached at ali [at] devasque [dot] com