FolderMount is an Android app that links (aka binds, mounts) folders in the internal sdcard of your phone to the external sdcard. It is the only folder binding application that works on all Android versions from Gingerbread (2.3) to the latest Marshmallow (6.0).

Most games, offline navigation and camera apps in Android don't offer to store their data in the external sdcard in the settings, therefore starving the internal sdcard storage of free memory. Users usually have no alternative but to uninstall some of these apps/games to free some space just to allow others to run. FolderMount is an app for root users that allow users to alleviate the problem by linking folders to the external (removable) storage space which is usually much larger and can accommodate multiple games and apps' data simultaneously.

How to:
  1. Click add to add a folder pair
  2. Select a source directory that you want to move files from. This should be somewhere in your internal sdcard. Usually located at /mnt/sdcard
  3. Select a destination directory that you want to move files to. This should be some folder in your external sdcard or OTG drive.
  4. FolderMount will offer to move the files to the destination. Click yes.
  5. After the moving process is done, click on the pin. If the pin is green, you're all set.
  6. Note: The files will appear in both the source and destination after pinning them. This is normal as the files that you see in your internal sdcard are actually located on your external sdcard. This is how FolderMount "tricks" apps that don't have the ability to save explicitly to the external sdcard.

Going premium?

Premium offers the following benefits: